Have you ever thought about hiring a ghostwriter? Maybe you’ve convinced yourself it’s inauthentic and that the only way to create your book is to do it yourself. Let’s dispel that myth entirely. Many challenges arise when it comes to writing a book. For example, professional baseball players sometimes need to sub in runners, whether due to batter injury or the batter is the heavy hitter, not the runner. A ghostwriter can be that runner that scores.

Interested in hiring a ghostwriter to work on your book? I want you to make an informed decision.

Your ghostwriter questions answered.
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Your Questions Answered

Does the ghostwriter take credit for authoring your book? No. You hire a ghostwriter for their words, not for their name. It will be your name on the jacket. No one needs to know unless you want to share that you used one.

Can a ghostwriter steal your ideas and release them in their book? No, and you should always, always, always have a contract to establish both party’s expectations, responsibilities, and intellectual property ownership.

When a ghostwriter is finished, does that mean my book can be published immediately? Yes, and no. If planning on traditional publishing, your book would be ready to approach a literary agent or publisher. If you plan to self-publish, you will need an editor, an interior formatter, a cover designer, and a distribution service. A ghostwriter will get that manuscript in your hands, but either you or the publisher will make sure it’s polished for the market. 

Once I give my idea to a ghostwriter, will I have creative input? Absolutely! If you work with me, we’ll have regular check-ins to make sure your vision is being followed. You should read it as it’s being written and comment on it to ensure we are going in the right direction. Without your feedback, the whole project stalls. 

Who Gets a Ghostwriter?

So, who hires a ghostwriter? People from all walks of life! I work with business owners who want an e-book to supplement their sales but are too busy to find the time to write. I also work with people wanting to immortalize their memoirs while time keeps ticking. Do you have amazing course content that you would like turned into a book? I do that too!

Is it time for you to finally get your book idea on paper? Reach out to schedule a free discovery call to see if we’re a match.