Not All Flags Are Red

I’ve talked about red flags in publishing and I’ll continue to do so because predatory people and companies prey on those who haven’t had the opportunity to learn what they need to in the industry, but it’s also important to know that not all flags we see are red. We have to be vigilant, but […]

How Toxic Positivity Can Ruin Your Writing

What is toxic positivity? Essentially, it’s the belief that negative thoughts about anything should be avoided. Sure, we can look on the bright side, but sometimes things suck, and that emotion deserves to be honoured. But wait, how does that tie in with writing? Here’s a secret that’s not so secret: Sometimes our writing sucks. […]

Finding A Trauma-Informed Editor

You may be familiar with the saying, the first draft of your memoir is for you. It’s often when a lot of the emotions and trauma tied to the topic of your memoir come to the surface and dance with you. After that first draft is done, it’s time to do a round of editing: […]

Wins From a Rejection

At the beginning of the year, I submitted to the CBC Nonfiction prize. I had never submitted to anything like it before, but it was important to me to do so. “Let them say no to you, don’t say no for them” is something I have to tell myself a lot. I’ve always been afraid […]

What Happened When I Told My Story

Tell your story

In late 2018, I decided to write a one-woman show. I had just come off a fairly successful run at Calgary Fringe, but there had been some actor issues. The top Fringe shows, I had noticed, were often single actor pieces with amazing stories. Pen to Paper – Literally So, I began to write. I […]