The Books that Changed Me

Books were an inciting incident for my religious deconstruction.

In 2021, I was given the diagnosis of religious trauma. I grew up in a Fellowship Baptist church and went to two different bible colleges. Since the diagnosis, I have begun the healing journey, and as part of that journey, I am writing a memoir. I have thought a lot about my past, and what […]

Finding The Right Beta Readers

Learn what beta readers are and how they help authors.

Beta readers: authors need them, but how do they find them? And what do they actually do? Should you pay them? What Are Beta Readers? As writers – especially first-time writers, make their way down the path toward publication, they come face to face with terms they haven’t heard before, timelines they hadn’t considered, and […]

Book Review: Slay, by Brittney Morris

About the book: A young game developer finds herself attracting unwanted attention when a teenage boy is killed because of her game. Take it Off Your TBR Pile . . . And Read It! I sat on this book for a full year before reading it – foolishness! If someone loans you this book, read […]