What is a developmental editor and what do we do?

I work closly with authors to refine and shape a manuscript into its best possible verion. In fiction spaces, I focus on the big picture: structural issues, plot development, character arcs, and overall storyteling. In non-fiction spaces, I help ensure the manuscript effectively communicates its message to the intended audience. This includes structural work, logical flow, clarity of ideas, and making sure the content aligns with the author’s goals. I also make sure sources are accurate.

A developmental editor is an author’s super sidekick, ready to tap in and make that manuscript magnificent!

Manuscript Assessment

A manuscript assessment (or evalution) is a high level review of your manuscript. The assessment will provide a bird’s eye view of plot structure, character arcs, and the story as a whole. The accompanying report provides insight on what’s not working, what is, and suggested next steps.  For fiction and non-fiction manuscripts.

Investment: $0.007/word CDN

What You Get: A multi-page report + 1 hour Zoom call to review

Source Edit

Strictly for non-fiction manuscripts, a source edit reviews all sources used to ensure accuracy. This edit will provide the necessary information to request use of quotes and will provide solutions so authors can rely on their own expertise not other SMEs. 

Investment: $347 CDN

What You Get: A multi-page report with contact information for copywritten materials used, and alternative solutions + 1 hour Zoom call to review

Developmental Edit

Upon completion of your manuscript, a developmental edit is an in-depth review of the entire document, providing in-line comments, as well as a report offering clarity for the comments. No text is changed in your document, however, in certain cases, especially in non-fiction manuscripts), a second document may be provided for further clarity of comments.

Investment: $0.06/word CDN

What you Get: Inline comments in your original document, a follow-up report, and email/text access

Monthly Editing

Perfect for the author who needs a bit more accountability and support as they write their manuscript! With monthly editing, you’ll provide me with individual chapters for editing. With monthly Zoom calls, and email and/or text support, you’ll find your craft develop from that first chapter till the end!

Investment: $497/month CDN

What You Get: Inline comments, monthly Zoom meetings, email/text support PLUS a final full manuscript review upon completion.