Book Review: Slay, by Brittney Morris

About the book: A young game developer finds herself attracting unwanted attention when a teenage boy is killed because of her game. Take it Off Your TBR Pile . . . And Read It! I sat on this book for a full year before reading it – foolishness! If someone loans you this book, read […]

A Book Back Cover Lied to Me

What do you do when the book back cover lies to you?

Years ago, I would walk up and down the aisles in Chapters (now Indigo) and read the back cover copies of the books that intrigued me. Maybe it was the title that caught my eye, or the book cover, or maybe it was written by an author I had previously read and enjoyed. I’d then […]

The Diamond Eye, by Kate Quinn

Book Review: The Diamond Eye, by Kate Quinn About the Book: The story of real-life sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko: her time as the sniper known as Lady Death, as well as her tour of the United States. Queen of Historical Fiction When Kate Quinn releases a book, I don’t hesitate. I think I’ve read every book […]