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About the book:

A young game developer finds herself attracting unwanted attention when a teenage boy is killed because of her game.

Take it Off Your TBR Pile . . . And Read It!

I sat on this book for a full year before reading it – foolishness! If someone loans you this book, read it right away! As soon as I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

I knew from the dedication that this was a book I – a cishet white woman needed to read. “To everyone who has ever had to minimize who you are to be palatable to those who aren’t like you.” Not because I see myself in this group of people, but because I very often don’t.

The book isn’t a mystery. Yes, someone was killed, but this book isn’t about finding out who did it. The book is about the aftermath and the reactions of society and close friends.

It’s about a girl who created a community because she didn’t feel like she was a part on any in the real world.

The community she created was beautiful. It was uplifting, and fun, and challenging. It gave people space.

This isn’t a book for white readers to play tourist and examine the lives of Black people and pat themselves on the back when we don’t do things that the white characters do that make us cringe. In fact, no books that are written by non-white authors are meant for that, but how many times do we take that approach?

Despite it not being a mystery, I could not put this book down. The stakes were so high, I wasn’t sure how it was all going to play out. Yes, there was a little bit of the unknown when Keira was confronted by an online troll and that certainly led to me reading this book in two days, but overall, I didn’t want to put this book down because when you read an amazing book, you want to sit in it forever – despite never wanting it to end.

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