About Me

I see a world where aspiring authors embrace and share their stories so they can bring positive change to the word.

I encourage those authors to share their stories by removing internal and external barriers so they can shape their story for their readers to embrace.

Hi! I’m Kim, an award-winning playwright and author. Story is very important to me, whether we use to to entertain, inform, assist, encourage, educate, or more. I know first-hand how freeing telling stories is, and how important that is and I love creating that feeling for others.

I am a voracious reader, and I balance my non-reading time with spending time with dogs and cats, watching various television shows, and playing nerdy games on Xbox, and of course sharing my life with my friends. I love the spring and summer and one of my favourite places to read, write, and edit is outside in the warmth of the sun.

For years I've wanted to write, but editing always held me back. Working with amazing people like Kim has changed my writing life forever. I'm also working with Kim as she's providing ghostwriting services for a sales course. It's like she takes my bullet points and turns them into knowledge and the perfect structure for the course. (In fact, she is going to edit what I just wrote to zhuzh it up and I'm okay with that!)
Simone Constantin
Author & Sales Enthusiast